A Study of Teachers’ Job Satisfaction and Teaching Effectiveness at Secondary Level


Mubashira Khalid,M. Anees-ul-Husnain Shah,M. Arslan Raheem


Teaching is a highly noble profession and teachers are considered as the nation builders of the society. The ultimate process of education had a meaningful interaction among teachers and students. The study was conducted to explore the teachers’ job satisfaction and their effectiveness among secondary school teachers. Forty teachers were randomly selected as sample from secondary schools. The instrument used was Job Satisfaction and Teaching Effectiveness Survey (JSTES). Results revealed a statistical significant and strong correlation between job satisfaction of teachers and teaching effectiveness. It was evident that when job satisfaction of teachers improves, teachers’ effectiveness will also improve. Female teachers were found to have better working conditions when they were compared with male teachers. On the other hand, male teachers were more satisfied with their job when they were compared with female teachers.  It is recommended that Govt. should play a significant role for promoting the quality of education by improving effectiveness of teachers.



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