Correlation of University Teachers’ Attitude towards Research and their Research Productivity


Shumaila Shahzad,Mubashara Khalid,Shamaiela Mehboob Farooqi,Hamza Maryam


Research productivity (RP) is a major concern of not only an individual faculty member but also of a university whose ranking and repute depend on RP. It is only university teachers who are primary actors in this scenario. RP may be affected by number of individual’s personal and professional factors. One of them may be teachers’ attitude toward research. Therefore, this study intends to assess teachers’ attitude towards research work in relation to their research productivity.  A sample of 200 university teachers provided data on research Productivity questionnaire (RPQ) and teacher attitude towards research questionnaire (TATRQ). Findings revealed that the teachers have positive attitude towards research activities and have satisfactory level of research productivity but correlation between the two variables is not significant. There is a discrepancy between what teachers believe about usefulness of research and what they practically do. Educational implications for different stakeholders are also discussed.



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