Forerunners of the Renaissance: An Analytical Re-visitation of the Muslim Contribution to Historiography, Geography, Cartography and Philosophy


Dr. Maqbool Ahmad Awan



This research article revisits the intellectual contribution of the Muslims scholars in the fields of historiography, geography, cartography and philosophy. Before venturing into the accomplishments of Muslim figures, it tries to rebuild the climate in which these pursuits of knowledge took place and the cultural conditions of the Europe in general. The Islamic intellectual pursuits that were in full swing during the Islamic Golden Period and had new dimensions still lack due recognition in the present Eurocentric intellectual tradition. It is therefore the need of hour to re-appraise and reintroduce Islamic intellectual tradition and its past achievements in the fields of historiography, cartography, geography and philosophy. The leading Muslim figures and their works have been recapitulated in hope of inculcating a better understanding of the role of the Muslim scholars in transfiguring of the contemporary society.



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