497 Sunflower Ornamentation in Bādshāhī Mosque Lahore


Syed Farjood Ailya Rizvi
Dr. Atifa Usmani
Khalifa Ahmad Moiz


 This research is about the investigation of sunflower motif as a theme and usage at Bādshāhī Mosque Lahore. Sunflower is applied as an ornamentation theme at the different points in the Bādshāhī mosque. However, its application is traced back in different civilizations before and after Islam. An emphasis on historical context and examples are discussed concisely. The representation of sunflower as decorative element is also described in the Muslim architecture in sub-continent. The ancient expansion of sunflower, inspirations from east and standards of ornamentation are also discussed. Its visual value and criteria are investigated to find its meanings. This document highlights details of sunflower designs composed according to the sun movement in the mosque. Both primary and secondary sources are used as reference. This is a qualitative researched based upon observation and visual analysis. It fulfils the gap of information and contribution to add a source for further research projects.



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