Minorities Rights under the Islamic Provisions and the Constitutions of Pakistan

  • Muhammad Amjad Sidra Akram Muhammad Waris Mian Muhammad Azhar


This paper analyzed the most debatable issue of minority rights under the supervision of Islamic provisionsand the constitution of Pakistan.Though, as a human being, all people demand their rights. The basic concept of equality and human rights was presented by Islam as well as the last sermon of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) in the ‘Charter of Human Rights’. Currently, most of the democratic states guaranteehuman rights but unluckily rights of minorities have not been defined clearly. But Pakistan is such a state where basic and fundamental rights have been guaranteed regardless of their religion, creed, color, and caste. This paper analyzed the rights of minorities under the teaching of Islam and their implementation in Pakistan. This paper alsodiscussed the constitutional guarantee of minorities’ rights and some practical steps that were taken by society and state for the safety and protection of minorities.



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