(4)Stirring up of Extremism by Islamic Factions in Pakistan: An Analytical and Statistical Survey

  • Ghulam Sarwar+Dr.Muhammad Imran+Dr. Muhammad Yaseen
Keywords: Extremism, Islam, Religious Factions, Pakistan, Financial Assistance, Impact of Extremism.


This research paper primarily dealt with fomenting of extremism and the outcome thereof by certain Muslim religious factions in Pakistan. It endeavored to unmask those foul faces who have done an irretrievable damage to the very fabric of Pakistani society by their atrocious and fiendish crimes under the guise of piety and asceticism. As we know, the very word “Islam “stands for peace and tranquility. However, unfortunately, some narrow-minded and bigot disciples of Islam, instead of spreading the universal Islamic message of peace, love, affection, uprightness and tolerance, made arrangements for their unscrupulous ideas and notions – a natural outcome of their agreeable interpretations of Islamic teachings – to flourish; hence, making the peaceful atmosphere of Pakistan unruly and disorderly. So, keeping in view this background, this research article tried to highlight this unblushing corruption on the part of these Muslim religious factions whose vital duty was to promote peace and harmony and to make Pakistan and the world a peaceful place to live in. By and large, as a matter of fact, this disgusting and scornful success of these religious factions owes much to the moral and financial assistance they got indigenously as well as from abroad. Hence, in a nutshell, this research paper also made a humble effort to trace those ways and means which had been responsible for this overt or covert financial support to these ignorant and relentless Muslim religious factions. Lastly, the research paper made an attempt to analyze the overall impact of prevalent extremism in Pakistan. Data was collected through written questionnaire and compiled in a statistical manner accordingly.


1. Government should take stupendous measures in order to check and monitor whole activities of the Muslim religious factions in Pakistan and deal those sects with iron hand who are found to be involved in exploiting sectarian differences.
2. The sectarian factions should be bound by the Government to use the pulpits of the mosques for promoting the universal message of Islam---- love, peace, inter-faith harmony, the notion of mutual- existence--- only. The instances from the life of Prophet Muhammad and his Followers should be narrated to the audiences in the mosques in order to promote peace in the society.
3. There should be strict audit of the incomes and expenditures of the religious institutions (Madaras).
4. It is observed, the clerics running the Madaras lead a life that do not match their incomes. Thus, there should be a complete check of the incomes of the clergymen; as it is commonly complained by the common masses that a major part of the income of the Madaras is used by the clerics to lead a life of luxury whereas a meager part is allocated to feed the indigent and downtrodden children getting religious education in these Madaras.
5. The curriculum of these Madaras needs a de novo enquiry in order to make it in accordance with the needs of the hour and purging it from those elements that become a main cause of inculcating the seeds of extremism and sectarianism in the innocent brains of the poor children studying in these Madaras.
6. There should be a complete ban on the meetings and conferences of the religious factions destined to hit other factions and their teachings and traditions.
7. These factions should be confined to their respective mosques or Madaras to deliver religious sermons and these homilies should be delivered without using loud speakers so that other sects may be saved from the sectarian fire of these discourses.
8. The orations based on sectarian differences should be banned by the Government as these are the basis of conflagrating the fire of extremism, sectarianism and violence.

9. The curriculum of the Government schools needs to be changed in the backdrop of rising flames of extremism in Pakistan. The subjects of social studies and Islamic studies especially need to be revised in order to promote the universal Islamic teachings of brotherhood, love, affection, inter-faith harmony, and concept of co-existence etc.
10. The financial assistance that these Madaras receive from their global donors should be audited properly in order to ensure its appropriate use and if they are found to be involved in fomenting extremism and sectarianism, Govt. of Pakistan should make arrangements in order to stop this international assistance, too.
11. The science education should be made an integral part of these Madaras so as to make the students of these institutions fully aware of the changing trends in science and technology hence making them less bigot and more secular/ liberal.
12. Women has tremendous role to play in a society; so, it is high time to educate the women of Pakistan in a proper way so that they can be of greater help in flourishing the ideas of peace and harmony in their families and the society as well.
13. The unlawful lands and properties of the clerics of various religious factions should be confiscated and proper inquiry should be launched against these so-called representatives of Islam so that they could be brought into book.
14. Electronic and print media should be used vehemently to unveil the evil designs of these religious factions; there should be free debates and seminars on electronic media to express the tangible message of love and harmony.
15. The religious scholars having moderate approach towards the present issues should be encouraged by the Government of Pakistan as these unbiased scholars can present the soft image of Islam before the International Community.
16. The government should confiscate all the illegal property of the clerics of different religious faction; sooner it be done, the better it would be for the society as a whole.
17. Law enforcing agencies should be given carte blanche to establish the writ of the state at every inch of the land. Nobody is above law; if someone is found to be involved in extremism, he should be given his reward according to the law of the land.
18. The imams and clerics should be appointed by government and they must have, at least, graduation degree. I do believe, it is very necessary in the perspective of Pakistan as all the jobs have some sort of eligibility criteria whatsoever and religion is the most sensitive job for the believers, so the deployment of educated and moderate imams and clergymen is very essential in this regard.
19. The use of loud speakers should be prohibited by law and the infringement thereof should be meted out with severe punishment, both corporeal and pecuniary.
20. Last but not the least, the wall-chalking and the display of controversial slogans should be strictly banned by the government of Pakistan. Also, the religious processions should not be allowed to be held at the cross-roads and there should be some parks like Hide Park especially designated for this purpose.