Political Finance, Abstraction of Concept from Islamic Countries Using Content Analysis Approach

  •  Muhammad Irfan  Memoona Kausar  Dr. Rana Tahir Naveed  Muhammad Hamid Khan


Purpose of study is to observe the impact of corporate politics, power, caste, color, culture, meetup of management with politicians, firm’s capacity to offer better offers than competitors, personal relationships, sacrificing short term benefits for long term benefits on financial decisions process in Islamic countries. This study is significant for all employees of firms so that they can be aware of political meddling during financial decision process. For this qualitative study, interrelationship diagraph and thematic analysis is used to perform coding. Questionnaire was adopted to collect the data from employees. Findings revealed that politicians influence financial decision process, racial discrimination has effect on financial dealings, corporate politics influence capital allocation process, firms offer better financial offers than competitors if it has capacity to offer, a firm must sacrifice short term benefits for long term benefits while dealing financially and personal relationships are given priority in corporate financial matters.


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