Media Hush on Honour Killing in Pakistan: The Case of Punjab

  • i. Dr. Irem Sultana ii. Dr. Malik Adnan iii. Dr. Muhammad Bilal Nawaz iv. Muhammad Umair Ashraf


This article examined the state of honour killing in Punjab-Pakistan. The study tried to find out the reasons of silence on national media regarding this shocking societal scenario. The study inspected the situation of honour killing during last eight years in most populated province of Pakistan and ignoring behavior of media giants of the country on this immoral social attitude. The results of the study showed that Pakistani media ignored the very crucial societal issues and focused just politic and so-called breaking news. There are political talks on media all around, but the real societal issues have no space on both print and electronic media outlets of main stream. The research finding showed the scenario of the media understudy that there is not a single detailed, objective report or investigative story on any of the TV channels, regarding this unethical communal behavior of the most populated province of Pakistan. The study also presented a view that there might be some commercial benefits and ulterior motives behind this attitude of mainstream media. The qualitative content analysis technique was used to have the upshots of the scenario.


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