Mediating the Interpretations to Resolve Sectarian Differences: Shah Wali Allah’s Approach to the Quranic Exegesis and His Legacy


Dr. Muhammad Raza Taimoor



The present discussion will explore the aspects of Shah Wali Allah’s effort to unite Muslims so as to enable them to defend their Sultanate as well as their faith on collective basis as the unity of the Muslims is among the basic trait of their faith without which they are not in a state to safeguard their faith. This could not be achieve without softening the sectarian tension prevailing at that time and this, in turn, could not be done without going beyond the religious interpretations causing the rift among the Muslims. Besides the thought paradigm the practical steps taken by Shah Wali Allah for Muslim cause will be analyzed to fully understand his practical approach to understand the Quran. The impact and the legacy of Shah Wali Allah’s thought will also be discussed at length.



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