Al-Qalam  research journal has been established to promote the cross-disciplinary study of religion and its diverse classical and contemporary dimensions through the publication of research articles. TheAl-Qalamresearch journal is trilingual (Urdu, Arabic, English) and biannual research journal. It started its printed publication in 1992, and now available online at following link: www.alqalamjournalpu.com


Al-Qalam helps promote original scholarship that signifies an awesome awareness of the conceptual and systematic problems raised by the study of social issues like extremism, radicalism, poverty, unemployment, corruption etc. Moreover, Al-Qalam publishes works of the researchers without taking into consideration the differences of caste, colour or creed. In a nutshell, innovative and cutting-edge articles of wide range of knowledge and intellect are enthusiastically welcomed.


Al-Qalam aims to provide the researchers of Islamic Studies and its associated fields of Social Sciences and Humanities a platform for publishing their scholarly manuscripts with quite convenience and unprecedented facility. For about three decades, this interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary journal has provided a forum to publishing articles of high quality regarding numerous disciplines and approaches that are directly or indirectly related to Islamic Learning and Thought. In particular, the research works regarding field of the Glorious Quran, Sunnah, Fiqh, Hadith, and their interrelationship are our first priority and are published with great gusto. Moreover, the research regarding the practical aspects – social, educational, economic, political, and spiritual of Man’s life and Islamic stance thereof draw our special attention. Besides, the articles that endeavour to logically prove Islamic viewpoint viz-a-viz the challenges posited by the threats of Western Philosophical Thought particularly modernism and postmodernism are welcomed with open arms.

Al-Qalam”  team is committed to peer-review probity and integrity and maintaining the towering and imposing standards of review. Once your manuscript has been assessed for suitability by the editor (s), it will then be double-blind peer-reviewed by an independent and anonymous expert (s).


Scholarly manuscripts pertaining to any of the areas mentioned in the Journal's Editorial Policy are welcome. Papers will be published subject to priliminary review by appropriate members of the Editorial Board and blind review by external evaluators selected at the Editor's discretion. Ensure that the submission has not been previously published, nor is it sent before another journal for consideration (or an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Editor).


For the convenience of authors, the Journal treats submission and publication as a two-stage process. Guidelines on submission and preparing an accepted manuscript for publication and information on the reformatting and alterations that may be necessary to accommodate the requirements of the electronic medium are outlined below. All authors should follow the guidelines for submission.

  • Authors should send submissions as e-mail attachments including the original doc. file directly to the Editor and send a hard copy to the following address: Editor, Research Journal “Al-Qalam” Institute of Islamic Studies, Quaid-e-Azam Campus, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. 54590. email: info@alqalamjournalpu.com; ihsan.is@pu.edu.pk OR Submit your paper online through Open Journal System (OJS) on following link http://www.pu.edu.pk/journals/index.php/alqalam OR www.alqalamjournalpu.com
  • All submissions should be preceded by a title page containing the title of the manuscript and certain information about it, the name(s) of the author(s), any affiliations, mail and e-mail addresses, and telephone and telefax numbers. The title page should be formatted as in the following example:
  • a) Title of Research Article (English Translation and transliteration of Urdu and Arabic Title is mendatory)
    b) Author Full Name
    c) Occupation 
    d) Field of Specialization/Interest 
    e) Date of submission 
    f) Address:
    g) Name of Institution 
    h) e-mail Address 
    Telephone Number 
  • Please include an abstract of the research paper (1500-250 words).
  • Please include at least four keywords after the abstract; with alphabetical sequence.
  • Depending on the opinion of the editors, editorial board and external evaluators, the articles will be:
    a) Approved for publication without amendments, 
    b) Approved subject to modification, or 
    c) Declined. 

Formatting Guidelines

Articles submitted for consideration must be typed on one side of A4 size paper, with appropriate margins on each side and not less than one inches.

  • Urdu/Arabic Articles
  • Since the Journal is now uploaded on net, it had been decided that no article typed in Inpage is accepted, instead M.S. Word Urdu enabled in Jamil Nasta’liq fonts, which is easily available online, is accepted.
    Font size for body text should be 14. 
    Traditional Arabic Fonts recommended for Arabic articles. 
    Heading font must not exceed to 18 font size. 
    Keeping in view all the above instructions, the article must not exceed 8000 words or 15 pages. 
  • English Articles
  • English Articles must be typed with the 12 font size in Times New Roman Font. 
  • Heading font must not exceed to 18 font size.
  • Length of the article must not increase 8000 words or 15 pages.
  • There must not any grammatical and syntax errors in the articles and must be checked meticulously. It is recommended to apply grammarly software for this purpose.
  • D. Plagiarism
  • English articles must have attached report and will again checked by the editor of journal.
  • Urdu articles require an undertaking by the author. He/She shall be responsible for any copyright issues later.
  • Sections of Research Article
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussions
  • Conclusions
  • Notes and References

Referencing must be in APA-6 style. References and Notes must be in English of both English and Urdu articles. Transliteration is the second option for Urdu articles. Should be primary, seminal/ latest research and aligned with APA6 style.

Note: All articles must be according the following checklist. If there’s any shortcomings, the article will be considered rejected. Author should resubmit the article after complying with the amendments suggested by the editor.


The Al Qalam editorial team has decided  to charge Rs. 20,000/- from the writers of research articles in order to meet processing and publication charges of the journal.