Check List





                       *for Arabic word and Urdu words


                        200-250 words

Article Word Count



                        3 to 10

Elements  of Research Article

 Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology,        Results.

Notes and References



               According to Scope mentioned in SOPs


  • All the articles submitted through OJS will be checked by the Editor as per above mentioned criteria.
  • If any correction is required in the article, the Editor will send The Author details of corrections for compliance of the policy guidelines.

SOP for Publication Process

  • The articles may be received through the OJS system at the website of Al-Qalam But they would also be forwarded to Al-Qalam official address before sending them to reviewers.
  • All the articles received for publication should be acknowledged by Editor within one week from the date of receiving.
  • Relevant authors of Approved, Conditionally Approved or Not Recommended for Publication would be informed accordingly.
  • Every article received for publication in the Al-Qalam would be reviewed as per SOPs of HEC by local and foreign reviewers, professors of relevant fields.
  • For publication of any article, consent reports by international and local reviewers are mandatory.
  • Each article should be checked for plagiarism and its report should be acceptable as per standard.
  • Official record of Plagiarism, reviewers' reports of each article and correspondence from relevant reviewer should be maintained by the Editor and all this data would be forwarded timely to head office.
  • In an issue of Al-Qalam , Twenty to Twenty five articles may be published.

Scope of the Journal

  • Articles by learned research scholars from all over the world are published in each issue. Different aspects of Islam and their impact on Muslim and non-Muslim societies are discussed. The Journal tries to foster internal as well as external dialogue among Muslims and with those of other faiths, in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences, in order to encourage an atmosphere conducive to universal peace and understanding, for a better world. It aims at interpreting the teachings of Islam in such a way as to bring out its dynamic character, in the context of the intellectual and scientific progress of the modern world.
  • Articles relevant only to fields of Islam may be published in the Al-Qalam. They may include subjects of Qur'an, hadith, Tafsir, Fiqh, various problems and issues of contemporary world and their solutions and implementation as per Islamic Shari'ah. The articles may belong to the fields of Law, Shari'ah, Finance, Banking, Education, Management, Comparative Religions, etc. with comparison to current Islamic world. It may publish articles on Islamic history and Islamic Archaeology as well.
  • Articles irrelevant to Islamic research or no connection of Islamic teaching to the subject of articles may be strongly discouraged. Similarly, articles authored only on the basis of statistical survey and formulae may not be encouraged.


  • Book reviews on books authored on the Islamic subjects may be published.
  • Al-Qalam has an official transliteration guide and it may be implemented in the journal.