Al-Qalam aims to provide the researchers of Islamic Studies and its associated fields of Social Sciences and Humanities a platform for publishing their scholarly manuscripts with quite convenience and unprecedented facility. For about three decades, this interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary journal has provided a forum to publishing articles of high quality regarding numerous disciplines and approaches that are directly or indirectly related to Islamic Learning and Thought. In particular, the research works regarding field of the Glorious Quran, Sunnah, Fiqh, Hadith, and their interrelationship are our first priority and are published with great gusto. Moreover, the research regarding the practical aspects – social, educational, economic, political, and spiritual – of Man’s life and Islamic stance thereof draw our special attention. Besides, the articles that endeavour to logically prove Islamic viewpoint viz-a-viz the challenges posited by the threats of Western Philosophical Thought particularly modernism and postmodernism as true are welcomed with open arms.