Al-Qalam is an interdisciplinary, biannual and trilingual (Urdu, English and Arabic) research Journal with a good reputation of both national and international peer-reviewed medium for the publication of the articles of researchers particularly in the realm of Islamic learning/Thought and its interlinked disciplines like Humanities and Social Sciences. The journal has been lending its space to scholarly research papers from scholars – national and international – belonging to various disciplines since 1992. It left no stone unturned in promoting and strengthening Islamic thought among the scholarly circles of Pakistan as well as overseas. Its contributions are highly laudable in this regard and cannot be underestimated in any way. Academia and intelligentsia of universities and other spheres of life are always fervently invited and warmly welcomed for their fresh, novel and sui generis research findings and invaluable writings. It is a matter of great glee and exhilaration for us to mention that Al-Qalam has been recognized by HEC, Pakistan by placing it in “X” category since March, 2020.