Interfaith dialogue; role of diverse trends in peace building


Sidrah Shoaib
Dr. Asia Shabbir


  “The history of interfaith dialogue is as old as the history of man. From the beginning of mankind, there have been differences of opinion among different groups of individuals. It has never been the case that all human beings on the planet have the same religion or culture, so since the beginning of humanity, interfaith harmony has been sought at one level or another. But today, as the world has become a global village, it is impossible to ignore other nations and religions, and the need for inter-religious harmony is being felt more than ever. This research paper examines the effectiveness of various current trends by evidence-based research methodology and examines Muslim efforts and their impact, especially in the context of anti-Islamic extremism embedded in Europe. Some useful strategies have been pointed out, which can be adopted to achieve inter-religious harmony and peace in a much better way.”


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Shoaib, S., & Dr. Asia Shabbir. (2022). Interfaith dialogue; role of diverse trends in peace building. Al Qalam, 26(2), 241-258. qalam.v26i2.1641


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